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GIS Data Links

Obtaining GIS data for projects:

The following page suggests places where you may find GIS data relevant to your research interests. Before looking for data online, SSIL suggests using the data that ArcGIS comes pre-installed with. In order to access this data click the add data button on your toolbar, and select “add data from ArcGIS online” and search for the data you are looking for. Often, datasets you may need will be located here. If the data is not on ArcGIS online, consider using the following sources of data suggested by the SSIL GIS GTFs.

General GIS Data Sources:

UO GIS Library Commons Data (formerly called “confusion”) – Connect to UO GIS Library Commons Data

OSU GIS Data – Oregon State University’s GIS resources

ESRI Data Library – Data from the developer of ArcGIS

GeoCommons – general GIS data, has links to USGS and TIGER data

Oregon Geospatial Data – Oregon geospatial Enterprise Office has statewide GIS data as well as DEMs and orthoquads (Hint: Click the link that says “Oregon Spatial Data Library” and search for a term.)

Natural Earth – World physical and cultural data sets at several scales

Demographic Data Sources:

United States Census – Demographic data collected by the United States Census Bureau, includes, TIGER shapefile/linefiles with country-wide coverage.

NHGIS – National Historical Geographic Information System, provides census data from 1790-present

Environmental/Biological Data Sources:

ASTER – Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer system, provides remote sensing and DEM datasets for GIS

NED – National Elevation Dataset, provides DEM data from the USGS for the United States

USGS Water – provides GIS data related to hydrology in the United States. Information includes stream gauges, watershed data, groundwater, surface water, and water quality. There are also links to data related to wetlands and floodplains.

IUCN Threatened Species – IUCN Red List of Threatened Species shapefiles for all animals listed.

Oregon Data

Oregon Explorer – Links to other datasets which contain information on numerous topics including: Aerial Imagery, Agriculture, Natural Hazards, Land Use, Rural Communities, Wetlands, Wildfire Risk, Wildlife Explorer, and others. For instructions on how to use the database click here.

Oregon Spatial Data Library – Provides a variety of downloadable data from Oregon including administrative boundaries, hazards, hydrography, land use, elevation, transportation, and utilities data

Oregon Coast Geospatial Clearinghouse : Provides downloadable data from the Oregon Coast.

Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management (BLM) : Has GIS data pertaining to BLM lands including wetlands and historic fire data.

Oregon Department of Forestry : The ODF provides GIS data for Oregon forests including fire and forest management data.

Oregon Coastal Atlas : Provides data for the Oregon Coastal Zone.

GIS Job/Internship Resources

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