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SSIL Network Drives and Connecting Remotely

 SSIL Network Drives

Students can log in to any SSIL computer using DuckIDs. However, they will only have network folders if enrolled in a current SSIL course. When not enrolled in a SSIL course, students can still log in and use the software, but they cannot  print or save.

Once logged in, open up Computer and there will be several mapped network drives.

  • Student Data or “Home Folder” is a users personal space on the network. All work should be saved to this location.
  • Class Data is the instructor drive. This is where assignments, class documents, and data will be placed by the instructor. This folder is read only for students. To use a file from this folder, first save it to your Home Folder.
  • Shared Data is used for collaborative projects with others in your class. Note that anything saved here can be accessed, altered, or deleted by all others in your class. Therefore, always save a backup copy.
  • M:\ or “GIS Data” contains data and files that may be useful to you if you are using ArcGIS including lcogdata.

Connecting to SSIL Remotely

To connect to your class account from outside the labs, you will need to be connected to the UO network. If you are at home a VPN client may be required and is available for download at the UO software page.

Connecting via Windows 10:

  • Open “File Explorer”
  • Select “This PC” on the left
  • On the top menu, select the “Computer Tab” and then the “Map Network Drive option.


Connecting via Windows 7:

  • Open ‘Computer’ and select ‘Map Network Drive’ on the top menu bar. (Note: In Windows 10, click on ‘This PC’, select ‘Computer’ on the top menu bar and then ‘Map Network Drive’ will be found on the pull-down menu.)


  • Choose Drive letter and insert appropriate network path (See below).

Connect remotely


  1. Student Data\Class Data\Shared Data :  \\Cas-fs2\Cas-labs\Classes\
  2. GIS data (or M:\) : \\Cas-fs2\Cas-labs\GIS-data\
  • When prompted, enter in DuckID and password. Before your username, you will need to add “AD\” (i.e. AD\DUCKID).

Connecting via Mac:

Note: ArcGIS does not run on Macs, therefore file format will not be recognized. While in SSIL, save file as PDF if you wish to view it on a Mac.

  • From the desktop, click Go and then click Connect to Server
  • You should see a box similar to the one below:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.57.01 AM

  • In the Server Address field, type in “smb://cas-fs2/cas-labs/classes/” (without quotes).
  • Click Connect
  • A login box should appear. Simply enter your login information (with “ad\” in front of username so it appears as ad\DuckID).


  • Click connect and ok.

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