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Use Policy

Use of SSIL computer resources and facilities binds the user to adhere to professional computing standards and ethics while using its facilities. SSIL reserves the right to monitor account activity to enforce those standards. In addition, the user is expected to follow all SSIL rules and regulations.

Unauthorized use of the network, unauthorized use of others files, copying software, and using the network to break a system are considered violations of professional standards and ethics in computing.

SSIL Acceptable Use Policies and Rule:

-Priority use is given to class users with reserved time blocks in SSIL. Second priority is given to students enrolled in classes that use SSIL resources, including distance education students needing to take tests. Drop-in users can use SSIL at any time if stations are available.

-Installing software, viewing pornography, game playing abusing equipment, and other actions deemed unacceptable are not tolerated. SSIL maintains and enforces a strict acceptable use policy for all users that includes the right to refuse service to any person.

-Only the individual assigned a SSIL login may use the account and accompanying privileges such as printing services and support.

-SSIL users may not bring their own software into the lab without prior written approval of the SSIL lab Manager. SSIL software must never be copied. This is a violation of copyright law.

-Food, drink, alcohol, tobacco, and other consumable items are not allowed at any computer station in the lab in order to protect the equipment. Users are welcome, however, to leave drinks at a table near the front of the lab. Violation of the above regulations and standards will result in permanently banning the violator from the SSIL facilities. Cases of criminal trespass, violation of unacceptable use policies, and software duplication will be referred to the public prosecutor and Office of Public Safety.

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